10 Relationship Safety Tips – How To Become Her Trustworthy Boyfriend Ever

The most challenging unanswered question most men experiences throughout their whole life is “What do women really want?”.

Of course, it is all about love first. However, it is a common thing when the couple want their relationships strengthened. In this case it is important that both sides understand each other.

But it is not as simple as it might sound.

Dear men, are you having issues with your beloved and can’t understand how to overcome the situation? Do you want to become her best boyfriend and to make her happy? Then this is a “how to” guide for you.

1. Be honest with her

Dishonesty might destroy even the strongest ties. If you want your woman to be open with you, she should trust you. So even when you think that little white lies won’t hurt, you might mistaken.

Just mind it: honesty is the best policy. Still, it doesn’t mean you have to disclose every little detail. HONESTLY speaking, you should also be comfortable with sharing the information with your loved one.

2. Be romantic

Oh yeah, the might say they don’t like romance, that they don’t really care about, that it is childish… whatever. Just don’t believe her. You will understand the whole thing when you see her shining eyes.

Being romantic doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings on a romantic dinner in the most expensive restaurant. Do the little things that drive girls crazy. Leave her little notes or text messages. Send her love letters, leave roses by her doorstep.

Imagination is a must here!

3. Be fun and spontaneous

This is a continuation of point two. Spontaneous kisses, day trips, unexpected tickets to the movie. Invite her to dance with you in the store. Whatever comes to your mind.

4. Be strong, both mentally and physically

It might be confusing for some guys when women say “I want a strong man”. He might go to the gym or boxing to make things work, and then it turns out that it is “not what she meant”.

Here is the key for you: first, yes, being physically strong is important. Why? It is believed that no matter how smart we are, we are still animals and women will be attracted to a stronger male. It brings her pleasure, makes her feel safe and turns her on. More arguments required?

Strong personality means a lot of things: the woman wants to have a reliable man by her side. The one, who is able to make decisions and take responsibility for them. The one she can count on even in case some serious problems come. She would feel protected together with the man like this.

5. Be protective

Treat her like she is your treasure. Hold her hand sensually, as if there was no tomorrow.

Give her your jacket when it’s cold, and go out of your way to make sure she gets home safely. Still, don’t overdo with it by becoming overprotective.

6. Know your girl

Take interest in her life. Try to find out more about your beloved. Ask questions that might end up in some personal discussions. Speak about her past, childhood, memories and future plans. And it will get you two closer. You might talk about your common future, about what you both expect from it.

Apart from asking, learn to notice things, to study her personality: by interests, hobbies, fantasies. It is an inexhaustible source of useful information. Knowing your girl will help you choose the perfect gifts to give her, plan thoughtful surprises and do other things that would become unforgettable for her. Believe it: any woman will appreciate and remember it.

7. Help her with routine work

Down to earth. But still who said it doesn’t matter. Last time we checked, everyday chores are not fun, but have to be done. If you come to the rescue with things that are not fun at all, she will feel that you care about her, both in words, and in actions.

You can also make the daily duties fun when you do them together. For example, joke around to make the atmosphere lively, which will make her notice the difference when you’re absent. Soon your woman will realize that you are a perfect guy to live with.

NB: However, it is worth mentioning that she needs her space (so do you), time for herself, to do her own things and recharge.

8. Respect her as a person

You don’t own her and should not expect her to behave like a trained monkey to fulfill all your demands. Your woman is an independent person, having her likes, needs and moods.

Don’t take her words lightly or ignore her advice just because she’s a “girl”. If you love, you respect. If you don’t respect, probably it is not love.

9. Support your woman

It is not that you be an everyday Super Hero. But there are moments when each person needs support. When your girlfriend genuinely asks you for advice or help, be there for her. In difficult situations, make your girlfriend believe that she can rely on you.

10. Share your world

Let her IN your life. To nip any paranoia in the bud, meet together with your friends and colleagues from time to time. As soon as no part of your life is a secret to her, she will feel more comfortable about your relationships.

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