Girls love a bit of romance in their lives: a bit of romantic music, some wining and dining, and sweet scented flowers. Most of all, they want you to show them that they are loved, so guys, whatever you do, don’t skip the romantic gestures, if you want to keep on the right side of your girl and here are some of the things that she’s expecting from you:

1. Love her enough to trust her…

Giving her some space might not sound romantic, but it does show her that you care and that you trust her. Girls don’t like to get twenty questions, every time they’ve been out without you, so let her share some time with her friends and love her enough to trust her.

2. Compliment her

Women absolutely love to be flattered, so flatter away! If you think she’s beautiful, then tell her and don’t forget to compliment her if she is wearing something new or changed her hair style or hair color. Don’t believe, for a moment, the saying ‘flattery will get you nowhere’; if it’s sincere, it will get you pretty a long way.

3. Be Chivalrous

Manners will never go out of fashion, so don’t forget to be the perfect gentleman to your beautiful lady. Good old fashioned things like taking care of your appearance, opening doors and never ever swearing in the presence of your girl will make every day a little more romantic.

4. Be sensitive

Romance isn’t all about flowers and gifts, as important as they are, it’s also about being sensitive to a girl’s needs and wants. Her problems may not seem all that important to you, but to her they are.  So, if she’s feeling down in the dumps about something, take the time to comfort her and listen to her problems, sensitively, give her a hug and a shoulder to cry on, whenever she needs it.

5. Remember important dates!

To a girl, remembering her birthday and special anniversary dates is a sign of romantic man. Forgetting them is a cardinal sin! Make the effort to do something special on anniversary dates and don’t leave things to the very last minute. It is the care and thought that you put into something that count, not just how much you spend.

6. Make your girl feel special

Girls are brought up on tales of princesses and knights on white chargers, and she really wants to tell her friends how wonderfully romantic you are. Surprise her with gifts when they are not expected, tell her you love her whenever you feel like it and give her a little bit of that fairy-tale life she read about when she was a child.

7. Touch her

Not every touch needs to be reserved for foreplay. A gentle touch, hug or an innocent and loving kiss can make a girl feel really loved and really special. When a man shows his gentler side, it makes a girl feel safe and protected.

8. Remember the things that she likes and dislikes

A simple gesture can become a really romantic one, when you remember the things that she likes. It’s all very well cooking her breakfast for her, but if you cook her eggs just the way she likes them and you put her coffee in her favorite mug, then that changes it from something nice, to something beautiful and loving.

9. Leave messages of love

There are lots of ways that you can show your love and appreciation and the least effective messages of love are the most effective. Text her at work, for no reason at all, and tell her you can’t wait for her to get home, or leave a note in her handbag, for her to discover later. It’s all simple stuff, but it will mean so much.

10. Spoil her rotten

Girls love gifts and they love surprises. You don’t have to spend a fortune, that’s not what really counts, even just taking the time to buy her some flowers or a box of chocolate on the way home is a great way of showing your appreciation. It’s being thoughtful, that makes it romantic, not the price tag.

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