Canada Black Sugar Mummy Looking For A Man. Drop Your Contact

Canada Sugar Mummy Looking For A Man. Drop Your Contact



Owner’s manual: bilingual French/English – Spanish available upon request.

Characteristics: all original parts, 280HP, full equipped, 4×4, full life warranty bumper to bumper with no mileage limitation, zero emissions & high performance engine!

Warning: for high performance drive only!

That was for the big picture!

Must acknowledge before going any further…

I must clarify a few points…

I’m a born again Christian so Jesus and my faith are the cornerstone of my life.

I’m not religious and I believe that faith is a personal and intimate relationship with our Creator. Neither men nor their dogmas should stand in the midst of that privileged relationship.

I’m vegan…and not sorry if it’s a turn off.

I don’t believe in being “brutally honest”: there is nothing gratifying in having the brutality of a wrecking ball when you can definitely be honest and straight forward while being respectful and kind.

So now let’s get real…


I’m not here to get laid nor am I interested to know the size of your genitals or to see pictures of it. If your proud of it and happy with it, then good for you! (Not being sarcastic here)

If your only goal is to “try” a black woman, please allow me to respectfully suggest you to skip right away to another profile or call an escort service for I’m not an option to be tried. So don’t waste your time nor mine by asking for nude pictures or s*xy cam.

I’m not in desperate need of attention; just to spark the attention of the right one will be more than enough for me.

Same suggestion applies if you’re here to “have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life”. I can enjoy myself with ONE partner and have a lot of fun everywhere else besides a bedroom.

Don’t get me wrong, I like beautiful things but I’m more into the quality than quantity. I work to have what I need and want. Money is not an idol in my life, it’s a convenient tool that give a certain upgrade in life, but isn’t the true essence of it. I respect it but I don’t worship it. Greed and stinginess are huge turn off for me.

I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, sharing and humility. Some men (and women) have their entire life revolving around appearances and possessions while being glorified by gold diggers that shine their oversized ego. I’m definitely not a potential match for those enlisted in that category.

I believe in contentment, yet doesn’t mean being over self-indulgent, lazy nor lacking of ambition. Means to be grateful for what you have, what has been achieved in your life and know how to be a blessing to others every time you are blessed.

I believe in achieving your dreams and make them come true no matter how long it takes to make it happen. Who cares? It’s not a race and they don’t have an expiry date anyway!

I believe that the greatest achievement is when you reach your top (not the one the society or men require/want you to reach out) without crushing everybody on your way but while helping and lifting others you might encounter on your journey. Makes you grow a better, stronger, humbler and wiser version of yourself.

Besides that…

I’m family oriented and I do have quite a big one! Some of my friends are family as well and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Work is important but I will always prioritize the human factor in my life, so my loved ones will always come first, right after God because without Him I wouldn’t be blessed to have them in my life in a first place. Work and money will never replace the genuine people that can surround you with love and compassion when you lose those two things.

In everything I do I always try to find the right balance that will allow me be to feel fulfilled and content.


I can trade the comfort of my king size bed for a sleeping bag under a tent or a cozy evening in front of my fire place for a nice one in the midst of the woods. I can flip over from the designer dress and high heels into a camouflage gear and boots…and the paintball gun, in a blink of an eye. I care more about the fun I can have while riding a quad in the dirt than I care having my hair messed up or breaking a nail

I love a rush of adrenaline from a boxing session or elastic jump but I can also enjoy the peaceful feeling of a nice walk in a park or relaxing evening with movie and popcorn or knitting a blanket by the fire place with a special one.

I can enjoy a nice restaurant once in a while but my true pleasure is to have family and friends over, cook a nice meal and share it with them with love and laughter while creating great memories.

…Not complicated!

If drama is what makes you strive in life, then allow me to invite you to skip to another profile at this very moment. I have no interest whatsoever to become a drama queen when I grow up!

I love and cherish my peace, do my best to stay away from anything or anyone that could eventually rob it from me. I like my spiritual and physical space to be clean from any kind of parasites, so there’s no way will I allow any muddy paws to come and mess around then leave the dirt behind.

I am looking for

About whom and what am I seeking for…?

Well definitely not Prince Charming! As far as I’m concern, he can remain on his stallion and ride his way!

Yet, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate chivalry and nice gestures and will be always showing my appreciation for it. Bottom line, I’m more into a normal and quite active man with his qualities and faults, who’s respectful, caring, smart, fun, a bit “kamikaze” and who dare to try new things and step out of his comfort zone once in a while. In short, someone who could be a partner for quite anything we could be up to try. It would be great to share values and interests, but still to be different enough for the two of us to learn and grow from and with each other.

I believe that building a relationship it’s like building anything out of the ground: you need to settle solid and virtually unshakable foundations before anything else. Those foundations should be based upon mutual respect, love, kindness, compassion, faithfulness, trust, open communication, humility, patience, forgiveness, friendship, laughter, complicity and a desire to always bring out the best out the other one, give your best (doesn’t mean being perfect) and indefectible commitment and support especially through hardship for there always be people, even stranger to enjoy good times by your side.

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I don’t believe in “who’s wearing the pants” mind game. I believe in two individuals trying and giving their best while putting forward they skills, abilities and will to make a relationship strive and grow strong in spite of the challenges, setbacks and life circumstances.

I don’t believe in expecting perfection while “dealing or tolerating” your partner’s faults. Instead, I believe in encouraging a partner with love and positive spirit and attitude while learning to love their faults and flaws.

Never ask or expect from the other one what you’re not ready to give or commit yourself into.

Never take the love, the respect, the nice gestures or random acts of kindness from your partner for granted.

I believe when two people commit themselves at a 100% it makes a greater relationship than the one where each party is committed at only 50% to make a 100 out of it.

I believe that where ego and pride prevail, there is not room for love, respect and spiritual growth to occur.

I believe in the goodness of the “I” but even more in the greatness of the “we”.

I believe that those who want something really bad will speak and visualize success, victory and positive outcome, commit to try more than once, fight if it’s what it takes, stand up, sacrifice, compromise and persevere. Those who don’t want something with all their heart and guts will always look up for an exit sign, shortcuts and easy ways, be lukewarm in their commitments, make up excuses, speak and project defeat and failure, never willing to sacrifice anything that would make them to step out of their comfort zone, eventually give up when facing adversary and irremediably ending up quitting.



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