Chat with ChiChi on facebook, a Very Wealthy Lagos Based Single Lady

Chichi is a very rich Single lady based in Lagos state. Miss Chichi is a very young woman whose only 30 years Old.While discussing with this beautiful Lady, I came to discover she don’t mince words when talking. She goes right to the point.

You must be thinking the same thing Am thinking, right? When Mrs Chichi sent us a facebook message, asking for a cute guy, I was truly skeptical. Why would a beautiful and voluptuous lady like this, Needs a sugar boy for?

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Well, Chichi didn’t waste time in telling me she loves Romance, and her current Man can’t satisfy her. She wants a young Man with the strength of a bull to ride her.

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Here’s her Message

Hello Admin, thanks for this page you created in getting Women like me, connected to young and strong Nigerian guys. I want a man that is capable of staying 2 hours straight. Please admin, beg your readers oh, I don’t want anyone to bother and add me On Facebook if you can’t last 2hr. My name is Chichi, 37yr old businesswoman. I don’t care how old you are as long as you can rock my body.
I will satisfy you with cash.”
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