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Hi admin.

On behalf of my friends/lover, I speak.  We just currently relocated to Lagos, not like we loved our entire life here. We are students, and in as much as we would be spending alot of time here, we intend to make it worth our life. We have noticed Lagos has social life, night life and the hustle here is cool.
Also I noticed ho mo is kinda ruled out here which makes it very boring cos in our country, we walk into a Ladies clubs and bam!  connect and fun,  but here I can’t tell who is who.  We don’t wanna go around breaking rules.
We reside in ikoyi and since all three of us live together, we love to through party, make and have wild.  This can’t be achieve alone. We need girl,  Ladies willing go do all kinds of crazy.  We are young and rich…. And money would be going around we know girls here love money alot and wouldn’t connect with it.  We also know Nigeria has curvy beautiful girls, so we are looking out for that, really curvy.  one of us love girls with huge and the other likes very skinny girls with little  abit light skin, too dark would turn her off,  on offence on color we ain’t racist finally I love very curvy, very thing lovely.  Please send girls to us so we can have fun. Our contact number… ….
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