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I’m Lola and I live in Victoria Island Lagos.  I’m usually out of the country most of the time, as my job takes me out mostly. I kinda do not have real friends here and I’m tired of looking for fokks outside with niggars acting like shitt and all.  I want to buy a good fokk, I know that’s what you guys are all about. 

Connect me please.  I’m in my early 40s and I look as vibrant so one in her 20s. Just let me know how much sugar boy will charge for hookups, then we could negotiate.

I need a clean fine boy, in his 20s to 30s, tall, masculine and work out 6packs, a strong body, cute and most preferably a literate.  I don’t mind if he’s broke or not cos I’m paying him.  Once he’s good as smashing, We would go places and I could literally change his life for the better. 

Kindly note, I’m adventurous and the dominant, you sugar boy lover is gonna be my submissive. Let’s do things baby.
This is my direct number.. … .

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