How To Go From Drab To Fab? 10 Instant Beauty Tricks That Work

Wanna look stunning here is it!!! How To Go From Drab To Fab? 10 Instant Beauty Tricks That Work

How To Go From Drab To Fab? 10 Instant Beauty Tricks That Work

You don’t need hours of time or a team of makeup artists to look your best. All you need is some sneaky little makeup and beauty tricks to speed up the process of turning yourself from drab to fab. If you want to know how to enhance your natural beauty with a quick makeover, then make a note of our top ten instant makeup and beauty tricks that work:

1. Shape your face

In just a few minutes, you can contour your face and bring out all your best features. Apply concealer first (you don’t even need to wear a heavy foundation every day) to cover up any blemishes and then, apply bronzer to make your cheekbones stand out and apply some on the sides of your nose to make it look slimmer; bronzer will give your face a beautiful and fresh glow, as if you just came back from the Caribbean’s. A touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks and you are a new woman!

How To Go From Drab To Fab? 10 Instant Beauty Tricks That Work

2. Don’t forget your lips

People’s attention is naturally drawn to your lips when you talk, so don’t leave those lips out in your speedy makeover. Even just a hint of color will enhance your look; stick to a subtle lip gloss, rather than a shimmer to avoid drawing attention to any dry skin. Also, applying a lip balm or shea butter 10 minutes before applying your lipstick will make your lips softer, so that your rouge will glide on smoother.

3. Thicker brows illusion

If you overdone it with the tweezer recently, here is how you can add thickness back to your brows: brush them upwards and out to create naturally beautiful arched shape and then, fill in your brows with a brow gel or eyeshadow to create an illusion of thicker looking, gorgeous eyebrows. To fix your brows in place, you don’t necessarily need to buy those expensive brow fixing products, just spray a clean spooley with your hairspray and brush through your eyebrows to fix the hairs in place.

4. A quick eyelash fix

False eyelashes can damage your natural lashes, especially if you use them too often; so try and use individual lashes instead. Individual eyelashes will easily blend with your natural ones and will give you more control over your look; start applying them from the outer corners of your eyes and gradually move inwards, until you like the result. A quick trip down the local drugstore and hey presto, beautiful long lashes!

5. Calm flyaway hair quickly

A little of your usual hand cream rubbed onto your hands and then gently run over your hair will quickly calm down and flatten your flyaway strands of hair and control the frizz.

6. Quick dry shampoo

To quickly revitalize your hair and hide oily roots, use a dry shampoo, when you don’t have time to shampoo in the morning; or, as an alternative, a light sprinkling of talcum powder will do the same job.

7. Have you ever tried clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions is an easy and quick way to add thickness and length to your hair without damaging your locks. The key is to chose the right tone of extensions that will match your hair color. Not only clip-in hair extensions can make your mane look fabulous, but using them also opens the door for you to play with various hairstyles, without being limited by the length.

8. Speed up the blow dry

When you’re in a rush, try just blow-drying the top middle zone of your hair. Dry just the front and front sides, the back will take care of itself. (This trick is only for summertime, or use it if you live in warm climate zone. If you do it in the winter, you can get cold, so be aware).

9. Tie it up fast with a tail

The ultimate speedy hairdo that still looks fabulous is a pony tail. Pull your hair back, run your fingers through it and tie up in a tail. Spritz it up with a touch of hair spray and you’re away and looking great. It’s also a great way to camouflage dirty or greasy hair, until you have time to wash them.

10. Set your hair

If you haven’t had enough time to blow dry your hair, remember if you shoot at the door while your hair is still warm from the dryer, then one gust of wind, and your hair will set however it settles. Warm hair is still moldable, so give it a quick blast of cold air, before you go out, to make sure that it’s set.
What are your favorite makeup and beauty tips and tricks? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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