International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship at University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia
undergraduate/Masters/Bachelor’s Degree

Deadline: 1 Feb 2022 (annual)
Study in: Canada
Course starts 2022

Description in brief:

The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award recognizes recognizes international undergraduate students who demonstrate superior academic achievement, leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, and recognized achievement in other key areas.

Host Institution(s):

University of British Columbia in Canada

Level/Field of study:

Eligible undergraduate degrees offered by UBC

Number of Awards:

Not specified.

Scholarship worth, benefits, and duration:

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award is valued according to your financial need. The total of tuition, fees, and living costs is subtracted from the financial contribution you and your family can make each year to assess financial need. The financial information you and your family supply is used to create a standard needs assessment.

If you maintain satisfactory academic standing in your faculty, continue to demonstrate financial need, and maintain your Canadian study permit, your award may be renewed for up to three further years of undergraduate study or until you complete your degree — whichever comes first (student visa).


To be considered for the Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award, please complete the following form.

• You must be an international student with a Canadian study permit who will be studying in Canada.

• You must be transferring from a recognized high school or from your first year at a post-secondary college or other university to attend UBC.

• You must have graduated from high school no more than two years prior to the academic year for which you are applying. Applicants for the class of 2022, for example, must have graduated from high school no sooner than June 2020.

• You must be pursuing your first bachelor’s degree.

• You must have a high level of academic achievement (achieve all As or equivalent standard).

• You must meet UBC’s admission standards, including general and degree-specific requirements, as well as the English Language Admission Standard, and you must demonstrate a level of financial need that would otherwise preclude you from obtaining a UBC degree.

Instructions on how to apply:

To be considered for the International Scholars program, you must be nominated by your school or non-profit organization and submit a letter of recommendation from an academic referee. Confirm that your school or non-profit can nominate you, and let your nominator and academic referee know that you want to apply for the International Scholars Program. Apply Now

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