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Hello Admin,

My fake name is Fatima, keep me anonymous. I mean don’t post my photo, I don’t know if that’s what you do with other people but please this is secret.

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I’m in my early 30s and i’m Married to an alhaji, who has other wives, despite he is as old as my father and never has my time, he is possessive of me like I’m his property. Well by law, I’m probably his property but I’m young and I love to live a happy life. If you know want I mean.

I used to have a boyfriend in USA while I was running a degree and I’m done and have moved back to Abuja as my lord husband has commanded. I want a boy friend in Abuja. It’s almost 3 months without any smashing and my body isn’t the same. I want one of these fresh Abuja or Lagos boys who can give it to me real good.

I don’t care if he’s rich or not. I will get him a house, car and pay him monthly for up keep. I’m connected and getting him a good job or linking him to a big person wouldn’t be a problem. But he shouldn’t tell anyone about our relationship. Because once this become public knowledge, we are both doomed. My husband could have us both killed, literally.

Either way, we can survive this if he is low key and does everything, I ask him to.

Please admin note, I want clean, built fit and handsome guy who is very good and knows how to $atify a woman.

Please I await your response.


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