Relevance: Best Way to achieve success with ease (Must read)

Relevance is the value or impact you make in the society that makes people seek for your assistance.

Your level of values depends on your level of success. The more value you develop for yourself the money relevant you will become to people who may want to pay to tap from your abundant blessings.

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So I ask, what relevance have you or you’re just an empty vessel?

A vessel filled with contents are regarded to have more values in market than a vessel with an half filled content or null.

You are not brought into the world so you come and go without making any positive impact. it never gonna work that way and that was not the plan of your creator, you are here to carry out a project, in fact, you are master-crafted in a unique way that no man can match.


There’s this unique content inside of you that is not present in any other person in the world. Have you discovered it yet?

Possession of wealth and fame without being relevant is a true definition of beauty without brains. You must colour your world with rays of blessings that people will want to affiliate with. A role model people will want to learn from. Typical icon people that’s highly recommendable.

How to become relevant in the society.

Relevance equals positive success and determines what people want from you as they can’t get it from someone else.
Do you have this special qualities that makes people always come around you?

Then you must be ready to get people impacted with it, don’t keep it to yourself. it was given to you by our Lord for a purpose, to bless and make a positive impact in the world.

Remember, everything you do on earth will be recorded in heaven, good or bad the choice is yours to make.

May the Lord help us as we strive to achieve our aims in life and record a successful impartation of knowledge before our transition.

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