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They are willing to sponsor you to come over and meet them where they base. It is no big deal, as these sugar mummies are really desperate and willing to do anything for any lucky man they try to contact. This is why you need to keep trying and following our rules.

Sugar mummies accounts on Facebook are very secretive as they won’t like their privacy to be jeopardized. This is why they need to contact you directly on Facebook and add you up if you are luckily selected. Don’t give up, you can be rich tomorrow by constant trials.

Sugar Mummy On Facebook Requests;

Here is how this Sugar Mummy on Facebook described herself and the kind of man she is looking for.

I also try to live by the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. If you are a quality guy, serious about your search and looking for the possibility of long-term, let me know!

**This should go without saying, but… If you’re in a relationship, married, separated, living with an ex, looking for a chick on the side, or a womanizer, etc. I’m not interested.

Looking for a romantic gentleman! Someone who opens doors is respectful, generous, considerate, protective, loyal, provider, compassionate, supportive, loving, caring, funny. Someone who enjoys working out.

I am available on Sugar Mummy Messenger Chatroom. Chat me Up on Facebook Messenger

How To Get Sugar Mummy On Facebook;

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