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Lady from Facebook sent you a friend request, Login to accept it.

I will be available to Connect with you once you call me or chat with me. Get my contacts from the admin. Waiting to hear from you.

Mrs. Olivia of Cape Town, South Africa needs a Nigerian young man for a relationship loaded with fun, and Cash for you. DO you need a Lady in South Africa? Then you’ve absolutely come to the right place.

It seems like Nigerian men are doing the country proud. Just received a message via our Instagram page, although I would have published it for our Instagram followers ONLY, I decided to also share it here.

Here’s the message Mrs olivia sent Me through Our Instagram Handle

Hello there admin, am olivia, also known as Becky among friends. Honestly, I was surprised when I came across your Instagram page and was even more surprised to discover you have a blog, where you connect guys for free with ladies!. I think it’s cool and admirable what you’re doing.

I am a fashion designer and a beautician working in Cape Town, the second biggest after Johannesburg. I have a 9-year-old baby girl from my previous relationship, which I won’t want to discuss about. My daughter loves studying and working.

I love music and would adore it If a Music fan becomes my partner. Most of my friends got their cool men from this page and paid their ticket down to South Africa. I am ready to do the same.

I sometimes wish I was a musician, but the closest I have come as a musician, was a child play while I was young. I love going to Music concerts, Movies and often go visit the cinemas.

I need someone who can go out with me. The guys I have dated here in South Africa aren’t loyal. But Nigerian guys seems great, cool and know how to treat a woman right. All I am asking for is a handsome young man, who looks great in good clothes. I need someone young and quite athletic. He should feel comfortable around me in public and if he can not do that, then he should not bother asking for my contacts.

I am a huge Instagram user, So the only way to reach me, is through Instagram. Although am also on twitter and skye, but I mainly use Instagram.

Any guy who will love to date Me should comment below. If I find you interested through your comments, and if I feel you are good enough, I’ll hala back through the contacts you drop.

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