These Orals (BJ)Tips Will Blow Him Away In Bed

First step: Stop thinking of it as a job as the name blow job implies. Done correctly, BJ can be satisfying for both of you — so long as you follow this sage advice. Meet rich girls here


As a teenager, you thought the number “69” was hilarious. As an adult, you know better. Hop into a position that lets him perform oral s3x on you while you perform oral s*x on him. The more pleasure you each feel, the more excited you’ll get about pleasing each other. Everybody wins!
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Yes, you can give a BJ through a BJ. Even if your guy protests at first, let him know this: If you’re into it, it will be 100 percent better for him. Or at least try and enjoy it.


Making eye contact during oral BJ might be intimidating, but he’ll love every second of it. “Glance up at him just as you’re about to take his penis as far into your mouth as you can, then maintain eye contact for a few strokes or the entire time,” says Kait Scalisi, $*x educator.. “Warning though: This move is super intimate as extended eye contact causes a release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone, in both of you. Use it with caution and only with those partners you want to take it to a new level with!”

Trying to give a blow j in an awkward position is never fun, so it’s worth taking the time to get comfortable. “You’ll have way more fun and therefore give a better BJ if you’re in a position that’s easy to maintain and comfy for you,” Scalisi says. There is one exception, though: If your discomfort is an intentional part of the s*xy-time play, go for it.


Before diving right into a full-on blow job, take some time to do a little teasing. “Nibble, stroke, blow, lick, scratch, and kiss all around his p*nis, balls, inner thighs, lower belly, and perineum,” Scalisi says. “But whatever you do, don’t take his cock in your mouth just yet. Wait until he’s flushed, panting, and practically — or really! — begging for it. It’ll be more than worth the wait.”


Sure, it’s called a blow job, but the best blow jobs are really combos of blow jobs and hand jobs. Rub up and down his p*nis when you come up for air — or while you’re sucking, too.


Think about it: It turns you on when he says he likes what you’ve got going on, right? So do the same. Words can be very sexy and powerful.


For established partners, oral s3x “can be one of the most empowering things to do because you’re taking charge of his pleasure,” say Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, authors of Bedded Bliss. “That can amp up your own arousal.” It’s also a time to be exploratory, playful, and fun. With that in mind, do what feels best for you — and by all means request that he return the favor. Once you’re ready, start slowly and maintain eye contact as you begin to move your hand up and down his shaft. If you’d like, prep the area by adding a bit of flavored lube that’s safe for consumption, like Babeland’s Babelicious line, which can make the act a little more palatable and help any initial hand actions go more smoothly.
Nothing about a blow job should be fast.


So…a penis will always pretty much always taste like a penis, because that’s science. You already know that lube is helpful. But you can use lube to your advantage if you pick up a (safe) flavored one! Strawberry pomegranate tasting penis > plain penis. Try glycerin and paraben-free lube company Sliquid — these water-based lubes come in a whole variety of flavors, from cherry vanilla to pina colada to strawberry pomegranate, and more. Remember: The more you’re enjoying the experience, the better it will be for him.


Playing with your food is totally acceptable — as long as you’re in the bedroom, that is. Take the fun-factor of giving a blow job up a notch by bringing some whipped cream and warm chocolate syrup into the mix. He’ll love the sensation, and you’ll love the sweet treat.


If you always tend to give blow jobs from the same position, don’t be afraid to try something new. “Switching up the angle will change the sensation for him,” Scalisi says. He’ll feel the crazy intensity, and you’ll beat BJ boredom: It’s a win-win.


Bringing a fan into the equation isn’t just a great way to help you and your partner cool down as you’re steaming up the bedroom. When you position it so the breeze hits between his legs, he’ll get an instant jolt of pleasure, making the blow job that much more intense.

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