Very Cheap and Affordable Online MBA in Massachusetts, United States

Very Cheap and Affordable Online MBA in Massachusetts, United States, Since many online MBAs are virtually identical to their full-time counterparts, sharing the same curriculum and faculty, online MBAs can be a viable alternative for those looking to juggle their professional work with further education.

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There are also plenty of reasons to consider taking an online program in Massachusetts. For starters, they are often certified only by the top business school accreditation bodies (often by AACSB International). Residents of Massachusetts can also save plenty through the state’s Tuition Break Program.

Below are schools offering an online MBA program in Massachusetts.

Northeastern University – D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Online since 2006, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University offers a 50-credit-hour MBAwith a highly customizable curriculum (accredited by the AACSB and NEASC) consisting of 13 courses and one to five electives, rounded out by nine semester hours in a concentration of your choice, including eight in-demand career tracks such as Finance, Marketing, and Innovation Entrepreneurship. Class sizes average fewer than 20 students, lending itself to a tight, close-knit network, and deadlines for deliverables are flexible, granting students the ability to balance work responsibilities with studying.

Students may also opt for a Dual Online Master of Science in Finance/MBA degree should they wish to have a more flexible management career. To bolster professional experience, there are also residency options either on-campus or via international study, allowing students access to some of the top companies in the US or abroad (Greece and Russia are some of the many countries that hosted previously).

Program tuition is set at $75,650 and based on a pricing per credit hour of $1,560, all supported by several financing options such as annual installment or federal loans.

Simmons College – Simmons School of Management

Once exclusive to women with the goal of balancing out the male-dominated business world, Simmons has recently migrated their School of Management branch to a fully-online MBA model and opening their virtual doors to all, embracing the evolving gender diversity in the modern workplace. The school follows a liberal arts approach to learning, and the MBA program is a 48-credit-hour curriculum consisting of 14 courses and two electives. Avoiding heavy emphasis on core business, the MBA molds its students into well-rounded leaders with courses including Negotiation and Conflict Management and Leading Organizational Change. The average class size in Simmons’s program is 15 students.

Simmons also requires students to attend at least two immersion courses in-person – an event held on-campus as well as a course held in a major city that encourages collaboration and problem-solving, providing a unique twist to distance learning. Accredited by the AACSB, the school’s faculty is comprised of renowned individuals who previously worked in companies such as Boeing and Medicaid. Tuition costs are $67,200 (about $1,400 per credit hour) and applications are vetted automatically for scholarship eligibility.

Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School

With its online MBA program established in 1999, Suffolk was the first collegiate institution in the Massachusetts area to go online, paving the way for other local business schools that migrated their courses to the web. Suffolk offers a 55-credit-hour curriculum accredited by both the AACSB and NEASC and is available in six concentrations of which, students are required to take at least three courses: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Strategic Management. Accelerated MBA options are also available for graduates of eligible law schools or CPAs, subtracting a significant amount from the required credit total.

While the MBA can be completed entirely online (it shares the same admission requirements, faculty, and curriculum as its campus counterparts), students may also attend classes in person or join the school;s global travel seminars that involve trips to prestigious companies around the world, allowing students to learn from business experts and academic heads. Suffolk has a small average class size, with just six students average per class, which makes for a small, focused environment.

University of Massachusetts Amherst – Isenberg School of Management

Ranked third globally, number one in the nation by the Financial Times, and accredited by the AACSB, Isenberg’s online MBA program is a difficult choice to ignore when shortlisting your potential school. Its online program is over a decade old and offers a 39-credit-hour curriculum that has 11 required courses, which you may supplement with elective courses as well as six focus areas – a series of coursework that hones your skills and knowledge in a particular area of business like Sports Management or Business Analytics. The school implements a “blended” approach in addition to being fully online, should students choose to mix it up with face-to-face classes on one of their three satellite campuses.

Average tuition costs about $35,100 and leads the nation in “value for money” (per the Financial Times) with graduates’ salary averaging at $159,345 three years after graduation. Isenberg’s School of Business also allows interested students to take two classes via their “Try a Class,” with credits eventually transferred to their degree should they decide to move forward with their application.

University of Massachusetts Boston – The College of Management

UMASS Boston’s online MBA offers five concentrations options – from Accounting/Finance to Management Science. Students have the option of having coursework delivered in three different tracks as well.

The first track is the Flex MBA, which allows students to attend classes entirely online or part-time by attending evening in-person classes held once a week, and does not require a business degree like the other two tracks. The Professional MBA, on the other hand, uses a blended format that combines a cohort program with online elements. Lastly, the Global MBA emphasizes the importance of preparing students to think ahead and be better equipped to deal with emerging concepts brought about by globalization from market behavior to workforce movement.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – Earle P. Charlton College of Business

UMASS Dartmouth’s online MBAcurriculum is accredited by the AACSB and aims to mold graduates into well-rounded leaders that could succeed either managing a small-scale business or a large company, and promotes the use of modern tools such as podcasting and virtual teams to simulate a cohort program.

The program typically consists of 30 credit hours (39 credits for those who do not have prior foundation courses) that may take up to two years to finish. It is comprised of seven core studies courses and three elective courses of four special topics to choose from. Tuition cost is $1,611 per three-credit-course excluding additional fees.

Based entirely online, class sizes are small and students are provided with in-person advice and tutoring for support. Classes are also flexible, with two courses per semester, allowing students to balance their work and study efficiently.

University of Massachusetts Lowell – Manning School of Business

With a program that aims to equip their students to adapt to an environment that constantly changes (evident in unique courses like Sustainable/Green Marketing), it’s no surprise why UMASS Lowell’s online MBA program is one of the most decorated in the field. Their AACSB-accredited curriculum is on US News & World Report’s “Best Online Programs” list as well as’s “Best Buy” list due to minimum tuition costs totaling about $19,080.

U-Mass Lowell’s online MBA curriculum is highly customizable with its program varying from 30 to 42 credit hours depending on the number of foundation courses that the student completed during their previous degree. From that point, students are required to take 21 credits worth of core studies and three electives from a broad selection of varying subjects. While it is perfectly possible to complete the entire degree online, the program is offered in a “blended” way, with some courses offered on campus.

Western New England University – College of Business

In terms of flexibility and affordability, Western New England University is at the very top. There are no short deadlines for completion of their online MBA program as students are allowed up to at least eight years to finish, making it desirable for those with an unpredictable work schedule. International students are also welcome to enroll if qualified.

The tuition cost for an MBA at Western New England is $804 per credit, totaling to about $28,944. While considered one of the most affordable of the AACSB-accredited institutions, financial aid is also available to alleviate costs to qualified students, such as the Employer Reimbursement Extension Plan, which grants additional time for settling payments through reimbursement.

The MBA curriculum comprises 36 credit hours taken in an 11-week block schedule, and students have the option to accelerate completion of the degree by taking either one or two courses at a time. There are nine core courses (totaling 27 credits) which include Organizational Behavior and Theory and Strategic Management, supplemented by an additional nine credit hours of electives in courses in accounting, finance, and management.

Fitchburg State College

Launched in 2008, Fitchburg State’s 30-credit-hour curriculum costs $12,510 – and whether it’s in Management, Human Resources Management, or Accounting – it is one of the cheapest online MBA programs available and a top option for students on a budget who do not want to sacrifice quality.

Fitchburg State’s Master of Business Administration in Management Online is accredited by the IACBE (one of only nine schools in Massachusetts to hold such distinction) and is comprised of 18 hours of core studies, three hours of electives, and nine hours of required management concentration courses. On average, Fitchburg estimates that the entire program may be completed in as little as 12 months.

Classes at Fitchburg State are conducted entirely online through their Blackboard management system. A demo course is available for interested applicants who wish to try out the learning management system and the courses before enrolling.

Endicott College – Van Loan School

Endicott College’s Van Loan School offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Online with an asynchronous schedule totaling 42 credit hours taken in six-week blocks. Students of Endicott have the luxury of working and studying at their own pace, with an estimated completion time of just a year and a half, depending on the coursework taken.

The entire program is NEASC-accredited and consists of 10 core studies classes (including Managerial Finance and Decision Making and Managerial Economics) and four concentrations. Class sizes are very small with an average of just 13 students, emphasizing the importance of focus and support from the faculty at all times.

Tuition cost is $717 per credit and totaling to about $30,114 for an entire program, which is at the affordable end of online MBAs.

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