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Are you based in Asia, be it China, Korea, India, Japan etc. And you want a white Lady who can take care of your needs and make your stay in Asia extra comfortable, come on now and get their direct contact phone number. WhatsApp group , facebook profile and all. These Ladies will change your life. No agent

Meet wealthy Hung yin, A Chinese Lady Seeking A black lover.

Hello admin,
I sent an email to you a couple of months back and got no reply little did I know I didn’t use my translator. Hahaha, that was so silly of me. I’m a 62 year widow, I’m not so fluent in English but at least I can read and understand, speaking however isn’t so fluent so is writing. I’m a grand mother and I have  full house of children and grand children during the holidays. Not that should bother anyone, they are nice in my family. I raised them right, and we don’t judge. I reside in china
I’d given up on love, date pleasure until I stumble upon this gorgeous black man who gave me the pleasure of my life, sadly it only lasted one night and for some reasons I can’t reach him as his thousands of miles away from me. Ive read testimonies of women who find gorgeous lovers online. Then I realized that’s the kind of connection I need. I need a black man from any part of the world who can treat me right and make me feel young again. He can be 30, 40 or 50 even but he should be agile and string with sense of maturity and humor.
I’m wealthy dear, my family wealthy is built on old money that never runs dry. I hope to meet you soon. And I hope prompt response.
Admin pls send every request to my mail box, I’d love to pick myself. Thank you.
Hung yin

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