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Hi there.
My name is Caroline. I’ve live in Nigeria for over 5yrs now.  I’m an engineer, Who is currently working with the Nigeria government for USA.  Well, I love it here.  The sun, weather, people, music, food,  dressing,  culture, history and most importantly the Dk

The dk is everything. The first time I had it with a black guy in Lagos, I almost died of immense pleasure and I love it. I love it so much that I hungered for it. My only mistake was that I didn’t understand I could keep a good sweet boy here with money.  I’ve meet a couple of guys who just want to date and control me,  but the only thing I ever want is a boy who can pleasure me like the first dK I had here.

I’m 43years old, and would want a real, matured long and bigger. Some dark sweet chocolate I could call my own.

I have learnt my lesson and I would pay what ever it take to keep a young boy who can servce me after a long day at work. I will pay you well,  get you a car and a house.  You needn’t worry about money once you are mine.

Admin,  please forward response to my email,  I would appreciate if I start getting request this night. God bless Nigerian, cos I desperately want one for myself.

Rich Ladies in lagos 2022

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