4 Significant Reasons You Should Not Have Sex Before Marriage

Sex before marriage: Sex in this context can be defined as the penetration of the penis into the vagina for pleasure or procreation. However, this act is sacred and males and females need to wait for the appropriate time. Here are reasons you should not have sex before marriage.

1. Freedom to ask whether you should continue the relationship: This type of situation arises as a result of incessant and constant misunderstandings and quarrels. In the case where sex is not involved, it makes it easy for one party to opt out of the relationship if need be, without having any feeling of being used or dumped.

2. Low risk of physical abuse: When there is sex in a relationship and misunderstanding sets in, the other party might think they are also having sex with someone else which might trigger off the annoyance or even physical challenges. When there is abstinence of sex before marriage, there is tendency for less jealousy.

3. When there is eventual breakup, it will hurt less: Yes, when there are no sexual bonds between partners before marriage and break up sets in, the separation will be less devastating especially on the side of the woman.

4. No guilty conscience: This situation occurs mostly to the ladies especially when they had to have sex against their will. They tend to feel bad anytime the memory flashes through their minds and as a result, they feel sad and wish they could turn back the hands of time.

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