5 top reasons why marriages fail

Failed marriages are, unfortunately, ordinary occurrences these days. But can they be avoided? Read more to find out the top 5 reasons why marriages fail!

Check out the 5 biggest reasons why marriages fail

No matter how much a couple loves each other, a marriage can fail for a number of reasons at any given time. Even though it is considered a sacred and special bond, it doesn’t take much to tear it apart if it has anything to do with the common reasons mentioned below. Find out what it takes to throw away a perfectly good marriage.

Marriages fail because of these reasons:

Extramarital Affairs

If you are married, one of the worst things that you can do is cheat on your spouse. Cheating encompasses not only having sex, but also includes having intimate relations with a person that is not your spouse.

However, you should know that having feelings or lewd thoughts (even if it isn’t acted upon) for another person can be considered as cheating too and can be the reason why marriages fail.

Having extramarital affairs is the number one reason why marriages fail.

If you are the type of person who is always attracted to every sexy man or woman that you see, it may be best if you don’t get married at all. If you are easily tempted, it is best that you avoid any situation that may cause you to betray your partner.

Losing Interest

Losing interest is a big reason why marriages fail. Individuals who marry someone because of physical attraction are the first ones to succumb, especially when their spouse gains weight and is no longer sexy in their eyes. Not limited to physical appearance, losing interest could also mean a lack of attention to anything that a spouse is passionate about.

Be genuinely interested in everything that your spouse is engrossed in and they will do the same to you. Being a supportive and attentive partner is one of the keys in strengthening a marriage.

Shirking Responsibilities

Marriage requires a lot of maturity regardless of age. Couples need to be able to handle responsibilities and trials that all marriages go through. This is extremely important especially when there are children involved. If one partner avoids duties and often passes it to the other, the marriage will eventually fail. Marriage requires the couples’ mutual effort and cooperation including making decisions, completing chores and raising the kids.

Lost Intimacy

The foundation of marriage is love and other good things, but the glue that keeps everything together is intimacy. Most of the time, lust is mistaken for intimacy and affection. Intimacy is not limited to sex and naughty thoughts of your partner. It is also about being connected physically, emotionally and mentally as a whole. Couples who are no longer physically connected will cease to be emotionally and mentally attached as well.

Lack of Appreciation

One of the biggest reasons why marriages fail is because the couples just stopped appreciating each other and all their efforts. Not acknowledging the partner’s actions will surely be the reason why marriages fail.

Saying a simple “Thank you” can do wonders to anyone especially to a secretly underappreciated and insecure partner. Offer tokens of appreciation like full body massage after a tiring day or a box of donuts when your spouse is feeling low.

We can’t say why certain or all marriages fail, but we are sure that it is more than likely that it has to do with one of the reasons mentioned above. Do you agree that these points are usually the reasons behind why marriages fail? If you have dealt with a marriage that didn’t work out, tell us what happened? Share your story.

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