How To Find Single Mummy Direct Contact In China Who Are Seeking Handsome Boy

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How To Find Single Mummy Direct Contact In China Who Are Seeking Handsome Boy

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My name is Stephanie, I’ve lived in Beijing for over 20years now. I moved into China as teenager, I have a successful career and I have been married twice. 2 kids from both marriage.

However, I’m Nigerian and from Kalabari in River state. I hardly come back home but I miss home, just work wouldn’t let me. And my kids want to know what Nigeria feels like. Lol, it’s sort of amazing how time flies.

That’s by the way. Going forward, I want a sugar boy or a man whom I can spend good time with. I have felt lonely for a while and I hate trying out relationships. It never works for me, I don’t want to get married again either, I don’t think that’s healthy for my kids. All my trial and failure, I don’t want my little girl thinking that’s what marriage is all about. I don’t want to live that impression in her. The fact I haven’t been so lucky doesn’t mean same would happen to her.

I wouldn’t mind a man in his 20s to early 40s. I’m in my 40s as well. I don’t care about what country he comes from, although black man is all I want. He shouldn’t be fat. I want the sort of Usher Raymond And Morris chest kind of guy. If you know what I mean. I’m beautiful and I love beautiful things.

Well, it’s very exciting meeting someone new especially someone who would add essence to my life. I’m more than happy. I wait your response. Forward me their phone number and email. I mean anyone who fits into my description and shows interest.

How To Meet China Based Sugar Mummy Stephanie

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