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Some places in Lagos are known to be highly dominated by hot delicious runs girls, these girls can go on several runs and give you the best night of your life, and below are these places. Scroll down for hot runs girls numbers in Lagos.

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1. Lekki Ladies

Those who are very familiar with this environment will agree with me that it’s surreptitiously infiltrated by high class runs girls and can be spotted at exotic places such as Quinox, Pennisuela and Oba Elegushi. Most times, they dress half unclad to buy ordinary “Always Ultra” at shoprite and you will begin to wonder if shoprite has become a strip club.

2. Ikeja Ladies

Places like Allen Avenue, Oba Akran, Toyin street, and the likes have reportedly been named the headquarters. Many a times, in the evening, you see them dressed like masquerades on heavy make up, short gowns with sky scraper heels and will be hovering from one street to another just to attract the best of interested chairmen that are willing to transact business.

3. Ikoyi Ladies

Ikoyi is one of the most affluent neighborhood of Lagos where you will also find well tushed-up runs girls. The cost of a night stand with these runs girls can buy an acre of land at Ibafo. They’re found in exotic hotels in Ikoyi such as Precinct Comfort, Limeridge Hotels, Aries Suites, Upper Class Suites, etc.

4. V. I Ladies

Victoria Island is unarguably a land of fortune as it has rich historical heritage. Most of the runs girls you meet on social media are likely to tell you they reside in V. I. The prominence of the town does not only stem from the fact that each time we see ladies who reside in V. I, we are quick to label them rich men’s daughters, when in fact, some of them are chronic runs girls under the guise of rich men’s daughters

5. Festac Ladies

Research and statistics have shown that most of the residents in Festac are people that hail from the Southeastern part of Nigeria. It’s also very evident that the larger percent of ladies who dominate this area are into runs and many other vices.
If you are looking for a place in Lagos where every street has at least two hotels, then Festac is one place you should be looking at

6. Mushin Ladies

This environment is not really dominated by runs girls per se, but dominated by thugs and local girls. In fact, finding a virgin girl in this area is likened to Atiku’s chances of winning 2019 presidential election.. Those who live in this vicinity can attest to the fact that ladies who are born and breed in this polluted environment are prone to early sex and pregnancy as quickle happens almost everywhere

7. Ojuelegba Ladies

Ojuelegba is a suburb in Surulere local government area of Lagos State, known for its crowded environment and regarded as one of the places that has the highest numbers of local runs girls.

8. Surulere Ladies

Surulere is also one of the most notorious places you can ever raise a female child. However, raising a female child in this area is not encouraging as she might end up as a wayward child. I don’t think any runs girl can compete with Surulere runs girls when it comes to tweaking

9. Agege Runs Girls

Agege has one of the largest numbers of female thugs in Lagos. It’s very risky to date most of the girls in this vicinity because it will be very disastrous when you spot your girlfriend at Pen Cinema with her goons waiting for men that will take them out

10. Ajegunle Ladies

Ajegunle shares certain similarities with Surulere where the residents rank among the most popular ghettos in Lagos where poor and lunatics abound. Most of the runs girls in this area are usually looking malnourished as they’re being patronized by broke guys.

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