Nuella Wealthy Nigeria Sugar Mummy In London Wants A Young Yoruba Sugar Boy

Are Yoruba man? Do you have Yoruba blood? And seeking sugar mummy in London? Or white Foriegn wife?

A golden opportunity presents itself here for those of you Yoruba men or rather Yoruba demons seeking real Sugar Mummy In London. Meeting Noella, your dream come true.

Hi there,

I’m email from London Uk, I’m so out of my mind right now but I think a trial will tell my sanity.

My name is Nuella, I’m a Yoruba Nigerian woman who lives, studies and works in London. You could only imagine this of me. However I only take care of me.

I’m not married, never wanted to. I’ve been in and out of relationships as I’m only responsible for myself. Life is rather too simple and marriage and all others are baggage I’m not interested in carrying.

I’m 42yrs and taking a break from relationship. I want a Yoruba Sugar Boy, preferably in London already but in any case you only have Nigerian contacts, we can arrange something if he already has visa.

Please let me know as soon you have someone. Must be Yoruba. They sabi how to knack sha.


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