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Ladies In Uganda

Meet Lona, a wealthy Ladies seeking a young lover to satisfy her emotional needs a pleasure


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Hello admin,
My name is Lona, I live in Kampala city. Ive been divorces for 2 years now. And I feel really lonely and honey. I need a man, a man to fill the space in me and make me feel whole again. I’m rich and 50yrs but I’ve the looks of a lady in her thirties. Ive got great body too. So when I say great body I mean I’m sculpted in a fine figure 8 and I need someone who can oblige to all of my request.

I will pay you well if you are able to meet all requirement. Please I’ll appreciate a smart cute guy.


  1. Hello my name is Bosco a Ugandan from western looking for a rich & out going sugar mummy for love & happiness.whatsapp me on 0775428777

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