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Hausa Ladies In Abuja

Aminat from Abuja is available for connection this week

Hi Admin, I’m Aminat, from Abuja. I am currently looking for a young man between the age of 28 – 35 years for a serious relationship.

I have been married once but it ended very badly as my arrogant ex husband was a womanizn brute who hit me very opportunity he got. Didn’t give me adequate pleasure in b3d. Never loved me, it was an arranged marriage, in as much I didn’t mind caring for him, the truth is he never got to love. I believe women should be subdue, however I believe in human right, so he literally hated my guts. I have to slit before he me. I’m a successful jewelry dealer. I come from a wealthy family.

Money isn’t my problem. Having met a man like my ex, I must say, I’m not looking for a wealthy man, I’m looking for a literate smart man who is loving, caring, matured at heart and thought, respects humanity and have the fear of Allah in him. Religion is not a problem as I’m a Muslim. I’m very open minded and I’m open to change.

Dear future lover
If you can satisfy me, I promise to give you anything you ask for. I am rich enough to take care of you. I travel often and if you love that, we could see the world, plan a future and we could make beautiful babies, married or not. I’m 36yrs, beautiful and vibrant. I hope to connect with you soon. contact me below;

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