Sugar Momma in Portuguese Wants To Meet You

A rich Portuguese sugar momma is searching for an energetic and passionate young man who has a good sense of humour to be her lover.

Sugar Momma in Portuguese Wants To Meet You

Hello there, my name is Rebecca and I am an influential and well connected entrepreneur with lots of investments and companies. I’m looking for a man who can capture my tender heart, thrill my body romantically and make me fall madly in love with him.

I am a romantic, warm and loving woman who is full of life and energy and I seek a like minded gentleman who can make me feel like a real woman and bring out the best in me. I am a sweet, sensual, energetic, creative and sociable person with a good sense of humor who leads an active lifestyle.

Portuguese sugar momma says she is a good listener who loves silence, children and pets. By nature she was born kind, sympathetic and compassionate. She is also humble, generous and slow to anger.

She would love to meet someone with a daring personality who is enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, loving and affectionate. Portuguese sugar momma says she wants someone who is bold and optimistic about life.

This Portuguese sugar momma further said; she is one of a kind as she likes to laugh, play, smile and talk alot. She is an easy going person who always learn from life, appreciate people and help the less privileged especially orphans.

She wants to be connected to someone who is always calm, slow to anger and does not take life too seriously. She wants someone who understands life from different perceptives and point of view.


  1. Im Robert, Hi Rebecca, Love you to be my Sugar Momma, build a loving romantic relationship with you, become best friends, confidants, stay at your side forever. My Whatsapp is 1-319-750-8439, home phone 1-319-208-8005 Email Look forward to hearing from you! Lots of Love and Kisses, Robert

    • Im live in philippines. I want a friend sugar mom. Im 33 years old. Heres my Cellphone Number. 09611840098
      My Facebook name is Ronnie Monasterial.
      Thank you.

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