Sugar mummy in port Harcourt:Meet Jane, working in Gtb bank in Port Harcourt

Sugar mummy port Harcourt.
Sugar mummy online Data base for rich and real sugar mummies in major cities in port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt is a town of peace and serenity, the atmosphere that be wild visitors upon visiting the city is brain stunning. So is the number of rich men and women piloting their affairs there. Port Harcourt is one of the top city in Nigeria were sugar mummies often live this is due to its rich Heritage.

Today like most other days, we will be hooking you up with real contacts, phone number and placement of some of the top richest sugar mummies in Port Harcourt.
Having study most of these sugar mummies and what they usually want, we have come into complete understanding that they love having affairs with young and strong men. Most of them pay even half of their monthly earnings to keep their man.

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Most of our contacts who got connected with some of these sugar mummies in port Harcourt can attest to that.

Note: This is a selfless service, no body is asking you to pay and we frown at anyone who claim to be our agent and asking for fund. it’s totally not from us.

Sugar mumy port Harcourt ready for Connect today.

Port Harcourt sugar mummies sugar mummy in port Harcourt
Sugar mummy in port Harcourt.

Mail from Mrs Jane: Sugar mummy port Harcourt River State, Nigeria.

Hi, I got to see your site online,i may not have time telling you much about myself but I just need a guy for dating that might lead to marriage. I know most guys want money but it’s not always about that. As a woman, I need love and soft touching. Please don’t connect me with dirty person or people that don’t shave their bears well.
I work with GTB bank in port Harcourt . I may not be the richest but I can still pay him 150k monthly if he treats me well.. Haha I can scream during s*x so hope he can bear with me. Again make sure the person is trustworthy and can protect my privacy. No snapping of photos during meeting. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you.
I will help share your site with my friends too. Just help me on this.

Having read all she said, do you think you can Connect with her target and avail yourself when she need you. She pays 150,000 monthly and that’s a huge fee. Most times you get more money from these sugar mummies when you are in good terms with you and they love you so much. The ball is n your court now. Play well .

Read below to get connected with sugar mummies in port Harcourt who are interested in dating for free no agent fee.

To understand how all these connection often work, we have a compiled list of questions people often ask about sugar mummies in port Harcourt Nigeria.

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Sugar mummy port Harcourt connections are real, first you need to understand that most of these sugar mummies are out of love maybe in their previous relationship and wants to get back with someone who will show them what they have missed. Good number of them are rich and they pay anyone that love them sincerely. They could be naughty a times you understand what I mean by that.

The question is, can you love them sincerely?

Can you be there for them when they need you?

Can you give them reasons to forget their failed relationships and hold on to you as their ideal man?

Many of these questions are what you need to answer and that’s why we always access most of the intending request and make sure they meet to requirements before hooking them up. upon launching it pride itself as no 1 real and stable Nigerian sugar mummy dating site. We make sure we connect our clients with the best man out their all at no cost.


Remember: Anyone asking you for money for agent fee is totally not from us and will not be attained to. Disregard such claim. Here on our dating site, you get direct contacts of sugar mummies without agent fee.

Having said all that, we need you to reply the following questions before we can consider hooking you up.
This will help us spin out fake people.

To get sugar mummy port Harcourt, First and foremost.

:You must share this post on
Facebook, whatsapp or twitter.

:Give us A brief description of yourself.

:Your current location

:Phone number or email


:Complexion and all other information that best describes you.

The more information you give will help her consider if you are her type or not so make sure you say a lot more about yourself.
After that, wait while she contact you.
Good luck!!!

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  1. I need sugar mummy’s number to connect name is obinna from portharcourt
    I’m 33yrs old searching for sugar mummy between the ages of 40 to 55yrs
    My phone number is 07044223656

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