When you are in a long-term relationship, the words ‘I love you’ can become a little overused. You say ‘I love you’ so many times every day that, even though you may well mean it, the words lose some of their impact and meaning. When you sit down and really think about it, ‘I love you’ means so many different important things. Perhaps, we should be a bit more specific about expressing our love for our partners and tell them exactly what we mean. Don’t just assume that those three words can tell your partner how you truly feel, spell it out for them, with these ten things you should be telling your partner besides just ‘I love you’.

1. I love you more every day

Let your partner know that your love for them is growing on a daily basis and that, even though the honeymoon period may be long gone, that love has matured and grown deeper. Love does change over time, and people do change too. It’s always good to know that, despite those changes, the love that you have for each other remains as strong as it ever was.

2. What do you think of this idea?

Another tip on how to show your man you love him is to ask for his opinion. This one may not be as romantic as some of the things that you could say, but showing your partner that you value their opinion is still important. Asking for your partner for their thoughts on what you should do about a problem at work, or even which dress to buy, means that you trust his judgement and you care about what he thinks.

3. Boy am I glad to see you!

When you’ve had a bad day and you are really glad to be home, tell your partner how pleased you are that he is there for you. Tell him that, no matter what goes on outside of the relationship, you will always be glad to get home to him.

4. You look great

Don’t forget to compliment your partner sometimes, especially if he’s made an effort with his appearance for you; this is another tip on how to show your man you love him. Men have pride too, and they like to know that you think they look smart and attractive. Give him an ego boost occasionally and let him know that you do still notice how he looks.

5. I’m so proud of you

You should both be each other’s biggest fans, so let him know how proud you are of his achievements. Guys love doing things for their women, so that promotion he got at work was as much for you, as it was for him. Sharing your successes and victories, as well as sharing your problems, is all a part of what it means to love someone.

6. You are so hot!

It’s also important to tell someone you love that they can still turn you on. Sure, you see them every day, and sometimes you see when they are not at their best, but that’s no reason not to let them know that they still have what it takes in your eyes. Don’t take it for granted that he knows you still find him attractive, tell him, and show him.

7. I can’t imagine life without you

We all have our little insecurities, so make sure that your partner knows that he is still the only one for you. Tell him that you are not together just because you have to be, you are together because you want to be. It’s important for you to both know that neither of you wants to be with anyone else.

8. Let’s go out

Don’t let things get boring and fall into a rut. Going out on dates shows that you want to spend some quality time with your partner and that you do still enjoy their company. Forget about your favourite TV show, and show your partner that he is the priority in your life and that you want to go out and have some fun with him.

9. I missed you

If you go away on a business trip without him, then tell him that you missed him. This is a way of saying ‘I love you’ without even uttering the words. You can get very complacent in a long term relationship and, sometimes, it takes a little time apart to make you realise just how much you do love someone. Don’t keep that discovery yourself, share it with your partner, and let him know how much you missed him being around.

10. Let me help you with that

It’s not just the romantic words and gestures that will show your partner that you love them, it’s also the things that you do for them. Offering to help him with a task, or listening to him when he has problems, is a way of showing him that you are happy to share his burdens with him and show him that he is not alone.
How do you show your man you love him?
Stay happy!

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