2018 Best and Easy Courses/Classes To Take Online In College

The Best and Easy Courses/Classes To Take Online In College

The Best and Easy Courses/Classes To Take Online In College

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Let face the fact is Savvy college students know that now is the time to make summer plans. If your plans include taking college classes, you may already be asking: what are the best online college classes to take over the summer?

1. Earn College Credit

When you invest your time and money into summer college courses, be confident those courses will transfer into your degree program.

Take the time now, before summer begins, to verify with your college advisor that the courses you plan on taking will be accepted for credit.

Advice: If you are making your summer online course plans through StraighterLine, your approved courses are guaranteed to transfer to schools in our network of nearly 100 accredited colleges.

2. Be ACE CREDIT Recommended

Try to Verify your courses are ACE CREDIT recommended. If they are, it’s extremely likely you will be able to earn credit for your courses. Over 2,000 colleges and universities accept ACE CREDIT recommended courses for credit, no matter where you’ve completed them.

3. Fit Into Your Degree Program

The online classes you plan on taking this summer should be considered an extension of your existing degree plan. Don’t limit the types of classes you take over the summer. If you need to focus on core degree requirements, know which courses you need to focus on. Otherwise, explore the full range of general education courses and maximize your learning (and degree savings) opportunities.

4. Have Open Enrollment 

The best online classes for summer should accommodate your schedule, not the other way around. After all, having anywhere, anytime access to your college courses is one of the major benefits of taking classes online.

5. Provide Excellent Student Support 

Every class you take this summer should have dedicated support to help you succeed academically and make sure your classes are the right fit for your degree goals. The best online course providers won’t sacrifice support just because you are taking classes in the summer.

Advice: Online student support is often provided in a number of different ways:

  • Student Advisor – Professionals who can help you navigate enrollment or technical issues, create degree plans, and provide a roadmap for course transfer.
  • Online Tutors – Individuals who assist you when you need specific course help.
  • Enrollment Counselors – Professionals who can help you walk through program enrollment process and answer any financial related questions you may have.

6. Be Affordable

The best online course providers should provide a pathway to help you significantly reduce your overall cost of college. After all, a true online college course provider won’t have the same overhead that a campus-based college does.

7- Cover All Academic Areas

If you are like most students, you probably will need to complete courses in multiple subject areas over the summer. The best online college course providers will give you the opportunity to earn credit in a number of subject areas including: Business, English, Health Science, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Languages, Technology, and Social Science.

8 – Give You Your Summer Back

Taking advantage of the flexibility of online college courses can help you take back your summer schedule. Whether you are a working adult, shuttling your kids around to summer activities, or have travel plans of your own – the best online college courses will give you what you need to succeed and empower you to affordably earn your college degree.

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