Easy Classes To Take Online In High School

Easy Classes To Take Online In High School and electives classes student can take.

Easy Classes To Take Online In High School
Easy Classes To Take Online In High School

What Are Electives?

Electives are classes students can take that are not specifically part of graduation requirements.

High schools require students to complete a certain number of credits or hours in order to graduate, but core classes (such as English and math) don’t fill all those hours, so you fill the free spaces in your schedule with electives.

Why Are Electives Important?

Like other high school classes, electives are a way for colleges to judge your interests and academic abilities. College admissions officers will be looking at which subjects you choose for electives and the grades you get in those courses.

Electives, more than many other courses, offer a way to show your personality and interests to a school. For example, taking English your freshman year of high school doesn’t tell colleges much about your personality because you probably had to take it (although the rigor of the course and the grade you got do tell them about your academic abilities). However, taking several painting classes or multiple courses in computer programming as electives can show colleges what you’re passionate about.

In addition to bolstering college applications, electives can also play a role in helping you discover new hobbies or career interests. Because electives cover such a wide variety of topics, they can introduce you to subjects you may not otherwise have learned about, and you may find some of those subjects really cool! For example, taking an elective in nutrition because you want to learn how to eat healthier could cause you to discover a passion for diet and well-being that leads to a career as a dietitian, nurse, or other health care profession.

It’s possible for you to choose your career based on one really great elective you took in high school! 

Examples of Commonly Offered Electives

The options students have for electives can vary widely between high schools, due to a number of factors like location, financial resources, size of the student body, and student interests. Below are a few of the most commonly offered high school electives, organized by category.

Computer science: programming, graphic design, web design

English: journalism, creative writing, speech and debate

Family and consumer science: nutrition, child development, culinary courses

Math and Science: environmental science, zoology, astronomy, statistics

Social Studies: psychology, anthropology, economics

Visual and Performing Arts: drawing, painting, photography, choir, band

In summary, below are some classes to partake on

Intro to Business
Record Keeping (even though I copied my friend’s book most of the way through)
Textbook Library
Intro to Computers
Marriage and Family

Computers (all of them)

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