Whatsapp number of Nigerian sugar mummy 09087979794959 chat me up now

Hello all, this is a notification of the whatsapp number of sugar mummy we recently got. If you’re on whatsapp kindly join her now and chat her up. Once she replies follow her up.Find out how to connect or Connect with her below.

How to get Whatsapp number of Nigerian Sugar mummy

Remember our rules. Once you get any phone number here. Before you chat or call her, we must first approve your request. We can and will always terminate any connection that didn’t follow due process.

Whatsapp number of Nigerian sugar mummies
Beautiful Nigerian Woman online on whatsapp

What is the right process?

As your you all know, we maintain high Integrity here on mummsite and will not allow anyone to break the rule. Since we launch since site, we have never asked for money from anyone. This site is solely interested in helping young men Connect with rich and influential women who also want to date them.

We have simple rules and it must be adhered to else we won’t activate the whatsapp chat before you and her.

Rules for connection.

  1. Instantly Share post on Twitter and 10 whatsapp Groups
  2. Comment with your name, whatsapp number
  3. Drop your address in case she wants to come to your location
  4. Stay online for about 10minutes. After waiting make sure you check your screen to see a mark like this “✔” once seen it means you have been approved.
  5. Try adding the sugar mummy whatsapp number again. It will connect you automatically.

Remember ,if you don’t share post using the buttons below, we won’t process your request.

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