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Meet sugar mummy Britney in Zimbabwe 

My name is Britney, I would say in Zimbabwean as I’ve lived here for over 2 decades, speak the language and learnt a great deal about the culture too.  I even  married a Zimbabwean man,  though we are recently divorced. I have 2 kids and is recently very single. I don’t want a new relationship, I’m 49years and abit out of age for that.  
I’d rather concentrating on my kids and career, so all I need is sheer pleasure  and nothing more.  I understand I have to pay for that, so I’m very willing.  Just contact me and we will talk price based on performance. Admin,  not,  his youth is of utmost importance to me, fit black gorgeous man.  Please contact me asap.  I keep my finger crossed hoping a prompt response to this email.  My direct number will be emailed to you when you respond go this.  Thanks. 

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