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Please call me Suzzy. I live at Harare Zimbabwe, I’m quite beautiful and curvy incase you are wondering what I’m looking for in a sugar mummy sites when I have men at my beck and call.
Well, let me enlighten you,  when you come after me wants to control and own me,  and I don’t want that at all. I have a serious relationship, as matter of fact he is loaded.  Never around and seriously possessive of me. He can’t stand some dude talk to me, let alone allow me see someone else.  I really like him but I often feel Hunger between my legs and I desperately long for a man’s touch from time to time.  A man who doesn’t get tired of smashing. 

Please this must be discreet relationship, we would only see when I have urges and you will meet me at an agreed location.  No running your mouth about me to anyone, I quite popular, you will know when you see me.  My career kinda made me popular and my boyfriend is known on Harare. Please discretion.  I’ll pay you well.  Just do you job well and keep quiet about it and we will be good, and your money with come in bulk.

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