Insurance company agent needs a sugar son for Connect up,gives whooping 100k for first time with her. Phone number released

Insurance company(s) are one of the richest and highest paying companies in the world. Top insurance brokers and agents earns far more income than most people or even government workers out there.

We are happy to have Mrs ALfred here who wants Connect with a serious guy for dating. This woman is not just the random kinda woman you see out there. She’s is seriously going to change your financial status.

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Why the word insurance is popular.

Insurance or rather assurance is one of the commonest word you could easily hear from any girl. Reason cold be traced back to Davido love assurance to her super woman Chioma. Since then, the word, insurance or assurance is almost on anyone’s lips.  Hardly would you ask a girl out here in Nigeria without her asking if you are giving her full assurance of your love and that she will be among your entourage of insurance brokers and ladies who get far more income from their partner.

Why dating an insurance company agent could change your life.

Your life could be turned around if you ever meet or date an insurance company agent today. Insurance agents and brokers as earlier stated are one among the top earners in Nigeria today. If you are considering going for a job that pays even though you are bent on other fund generating jobs then insurance companies has got you covered anyway.


Do you know how much insurance company agents and brokers earns?


Aside the fact that they have almost all their endeavours covered on monthly basis, they also have the opportunity of getting back anything they loss as a matter of accident or any fatal incident that deprive them of freedom. An average insurance company agent earns around $2000-10000$ monthly. Converting that to naira is about #400,000 – over a million monthly.


Meet Mr Alfred,rich and influential sugar mummy working with an insurance company.

Mrs ALfred is a single mom of one who had a divorce with her husband and wants to get along with new partner.
According to her, if he Can get a reasonable guy who understands her condition and can be humble to love her that she will spoil the person with enough goodies and money.

She is one of these women who are blessed with plenty money. All they ever want is to spend and invest on anything they lay their hands on. Could you’ve that lucky guy she’s willing to invest in today, be rest assured that if picked, the best you could do is to go to any church or mosque where you worship and thank your star.

The money you ever need in life could ever gotten from this beautiful woman who once got loved but lost it. You can imagine what she has been through over the time she has-been a lonely single mother. Now, all she ever want is love. She has the money and life fulfillment already.

How to get phone number of insurance agent here now.

Mummy Alfred contact could be gotten below. we are interested in getting your connected over the years and today again, we will be doing you much favor by connecting you with a rich insurance woman who wants to love you. Phone number of Mrs ALfred was displayed on internal memo board to prevent unnecessary calls and infringements of privacy.

However, we are to assess each and everyone who need it. We all know that displaying her number here will make her to get unwanted attention even at office as most people will be calling. Am sure if you’re in her position you won’t like it. Apparently, we assure you that following these simple instructions below would help us get to know you and have the number sent to you privately.

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To get connected with this super bold woman. Follow these steps below
1: Drop your details
2 :Drop your phone number
3:Drop your address in case she needs to verify or visit you
4: Share post instantly on Facebook, whatasp( at least 10 groups)
You must share post before we can
judged by that.

When your done sharing post. Stay online for about 10 minutes. Refresh this page and check your inbox. We will send it to you directly free of charge.
Please note that, when we give you any contact, handle it with care and don’t share with anyone. If reported, we will deny you further access to this site.

If after following all the instructions here and you didn’t get number, please kindly note that our site catches could not detect you sharing this post. What you need to do is to share post again or contact us directly with evidence that you have shared the post. we will personally send you her number thorough our whatsapp agent or add you to the group where we keep contacts of sugar mummies.

Mrs ALfred was recently added over the week . She wants to get hooked up this week so the person will stay over with her. She will foot all the bills.

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