Want to build a healthy relationship? Then you need to master these five(5) relationship tips.

Healthy relationship tips for couples and those still at the early stage of their relationship with someone they just met. We have highlighted few major reasons and ingredients that adds to the failure of every once sweet and admirable relationship and the best way to handle them.

Today, we will be relating on healthy relationship tips for couples, adding new juicy relationship tips and advice on how to build strong connection with your partner.
Here we go….

1: Lack of communication

Dealing with communication in a relationship

Communication  is no doubt one of the most important ingredient that make  a relationship last the taste of time. It is often said, that a relationship with out communication lacks the bond that can straighten it for years to come. No matter how busy you could be with work or some other things you do, there’s need to create out time to be with someone you love, checking up on them twice a day is never a bad idea. once you stop calling, you are rather pushing your partner to someone else who may cherish him or her more and always do the calling. Communication is the bed rock of every successful relationship or marriage.

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2: Trust
Healthy Relationship that’s built on trust
At some point in your relationship, there’s need for both partner to start having issue based on trust. The level at which a relationship operate in when it all started can not be maintained forever, there will always be downtime.

How then do you deal with trust issue in a marriage or relationship?

First, understanding each other more will make you know what your partner is capable of doing or not. Make out time to study your partner, look at the things he does too often, his weak points and stuffs is endangered to do once he’s off his mind. When you have a detailed information from this little research, you can easily apply it in determining his likely action.
In some marriage, there are men who prefer to stay out once they are having issue with their spouse, there are also some who prefer to drink to stupor so they can zero their mind and forget the rift they just had with their partner.

Once you have a perfect study of his Likely action,you can know for sure how to handle it. It is so wrong to start having an assumption that your spouse is out there with another lady once he’s angry, of course it may just be the likely truth but the understanding you had about him earlier on could still help you to overcome this Bizarre thinking.

Take out time to find out what your spouse does more often and apply it in building trust in your relationship. A strong trust in a marriage can make a man or woman stay out all night and the partner will not get worried. Trust is very necessary and a pivotal ingredient that help in strengthening a relationship.

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3: Gift
How important is gift in a relationship?

Yeah gift or a little surprise for your partner can still strengthen the relationship. Though it’s not a big deal or something that can easily break a relationship but it can so add to the many things that’s making the relationship not to work again. I can easily predict that when the relationship started, you always shower him/her with little gifts and all that. Trust me, one or two surprises you give your partner can make him or her have a swell time and help in prolonging the relationship even when it look all weak and just about to break. Revert your relationship by making out time to go out on date and buy him or her gifts or foods. It’s never a bad idea either  .Just try it more often and see your relationship Sparkle and light up once more.

4: Appreciation

Appreciation in a relationship

Learn to appreciate your partner, if you notice any credible thing about them don’t hesitate to show forth appreciation in a pleasant manner. Do your husband look dapper in that new suit? Hey!  Cmon, appreciate him, letting him know how handsome he look will give him that right attitude to raise his shoulder and operate in another level. His wife told him he’s cute, what ever others says doesn’t really matter. Also, when you notice or spot your wife rocking a gorgeous outfit, don’t hide or make her wait before pouring all heavenly sweet words on her. She deserves it, if no one else could praise her of course you need to do that. Don’t allow any other man do that before you.

5: Relationship with your self.
Advice on relationship problem with oneself

Relationship with yourself is the best and arguably the first foundation that bedrock a future relationship with someone else. Work your way to the top and build a strong self esteem that can help you handle others.  Dr Munroe in one of his books noted that: “you must love yourself enough to love someone else“.
Would you marry you, if you’re in position to do that, of course if you can’t marry someone like yourself how then do you want someone else to feel comfortable with you?
You need to perfect everything that concerns you before trying to get it right for someone else. So do not look at  what your partner does wrong, but what you do right yourself. Relationship work best by helping each other and bring out the best in your partner.
Learn it and perfect it.

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